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"The Nightmare" - 07.09-18.09 Greece

The 6 Bulgarian students sent by UBM-Burgas took part in one of the biggest projects in Greece this year, co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme and the Greek National Agency. The project's main topic was climate change and its effect on our future, which participants learned a lot about through various workshops and activities that were developed to broaden their knowledge on the topic.

The programme was also filled with cultural nights, eco-friendly activities and cultural exchange meetings. The Bulgarian team created their own campaign and planned an event to raise awareness of global climate change which they will implement back in Bulgaria very soon.

The project was held by Educational Organisation "Sharp Minds", which are one of UBM-Burgas's most trusted partners in the Erasmus+ frame.

"We learned a lot about the environment and how to protect it, as well as ways of developing and planning our own awareness campaigns."- Georgi Ivanov, participant in the project

"A truly great experience, full of people hungry for knowledge and cultural exchange."- Georgi Zhelev, leader of the Bulgarian group and participant in the project

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