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Aeithales "Think Green"

From 21st of September to 2nd of October 2023, 7 of our Bulgarian students took part in one of the largest Youth Exchange projects in the Erasmus+ frame yet- Aeithales "Think Green", organised by our partners from Educational Organization "Sharp Minds".

The participants spent 12 days at an eco-friendly campsite in Paralia Rachon, Greece. During their stay, they exchanged experience and knowledge with more than 50 people from 6 other European countries, participated in multiple workshops and lecture concerned with the problem of environmental change and its effect on our past, present and future.

"The project was great. We had the opportunity to learn many new things about climate change while playing fun games and interesting workshops. I think that the combination of formal, non-formal and informal methods is the best way to learn. I also met some awesome people and made amazing friendships, for which I am extremely grateful."

-Denica Stefanova, participant in YE "Think Green"

"The experience for me was new and very interesting. I learned new things about environmental topics and had fun. I didn't expect to make friendships, but that was the best part of the whole project. I strengthened my English skills and practiced public speaking. "

-Katya Taneva, participant in YE "Think Green"

My participation in the AEITHALES: "Think Green" Youth Exchange was of utmost importance for gaining deeper insight into the environmental issues which surround us. Moreover, I met incredible human beings from a variety of European countries. Being in Nisi Glamping for the first time as part of an Erasmus project was crucial for my fulfilled impression because of the fact that I was accompanied by people with the same interests as mine. I was able to enhance my commucation skills and make new friends while implementing a profusion of eco-friendly methods and schemes during the workshops. Furthermore, our project turned out to be an extraordinary one because of the massive thunderstorm that occured during our stay. Looking from the positive side-it was the most effective team-building activity and I am glad that everyone kept calm despite the 'panic-provoking' situation.

Undoubtedly the memories from Nisi are permanently stuck in my mind and I will go back in my photo gallery and 'brain' gallery again and again!

I have no hesitation in recommending such an experience to everyone!

Can't wait to meet all of my international friends again as soon as possible!

-Alyara Mahmudova, participant and group leader at YE "Think Green"

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